Kaze ni dakarete (Embraced by the Wind)

Cover image of CD "Kaze ni dakarete (Embraced by the Wind)"

This album was created by Micaco Honya during her Shikoku pilgrimage.

Her one year and nine month journey began in March of 2001, during which time she visited 88 sacred locations on the island of Shikoku, creating music on the theme of “prayer.” Her work reflects the many encounters, the beauty of nature, the thoughts and, of course, the prayers she experienced during that time.

Micaco Honya opened up new worlds with “Kaze ni dakarete” (Embraced by the Wind), an expression of her entire being.

  • Shimantogawa (Shimanto River)
  • Henro-michi (Pilgrimage Way)
  • Kotori no warutsu (Waltz of the Hatchlings)
  • Soyo-kaze (Breeze)
  • Tan ei shin shin (Stars of the Nights of Tang Period)
  • Tamashizume (Settling the Spirit)
  • Ima, inori no naka de (Now, in My Prayers)
  • Kareno (Withered Field)
  • Gojunoto (Pagoda)
  • Daichi no tabi (Travels in a Great Land)