Ima inori no naka de (Now, in My Prayers)

Cover image of CD "Ima inori no naka de (Now, in My Prayers)"

The Micaco Honya concert tour “Ima, inori no naka de” (Now, in My Prayers) held performances in the cities of Kochi, Osaka, Tokyo and Sapporo in late 2001.

These concerts were based on Honya’s own experiences, thoughts and other episodes from her walking pilgrimage across the island of Shikoku.

The atmosphere grows euphoric as the audience is drawn in to the performance, and applause rings out between songs.

This album was recorded during a live concert held at the Kitara Concert Hall in Sapporo. The performance has been edited and accompaniment provided by string quartet and guitar.

Honya masterfully overcomes the limitations of the ocarina as a musical instrument in a memorable performance of eye-opening moments, beautiful timbre and extraordinary quality.

This may well be the first live recording of an ocarina concert in Japan (and perhaps the world).

  • Tanpopopo (Dandelions)
  • Kotori (Chicks)
  • Yoki na Yopparai (Pleasant Intoxication)
  • Lunacia
  • Asturias
  • Tori no uta (Birdsong)
  • Me visito mi amado
  • Soshitsu (Loss)
  • Ave Maria
  • Megumi (Blessedness)
  • Kondoru wa tondeyuku|Hana-matsuri (El Condor Pasa|Flower Festival)
  • Taichi no Tabi (Travels in a Great Land)